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Anna Sophia Rydgren is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist based in Stockholm whose works have been featured in collections and exhibitions in the US and Europe, within both luxury and private resident sectors.

Her artistic output encompasses both modern and fine arts in the transdisciplinary fields of collage, painting, and sculpture.

Rydgren developed a love for art at a young age, spending most of her days painting and working with ceramics and textiles in her grandmother's studio. Her grandmother was an artist and dressmaker who had a heartfelt influence on Anna Sophia. This catalyzed Anna Sophia's infinite appreciation and profound connection to the adornment of textile, tactile and visual elements that she implements within her works today.

Anna Sophia's sculptured and textured works continue to be inspired by the
opulence and elegance of the Renaissance era. Her work delves into the rich
history of craftsmanship and intricate detailing of sculptured textiles,
seamlessly blending traditional techniques with a contemporary aesthetic.
Observers experience a harmonious convergence of history, luxury, and timeless beauty, resonating profoundly with the discerning tastes within the luxury interior sector.

By weaving narratives through textures, Rydgren unveils a unique artistic language that speaks to luxury and innovation within the interior design world.

Anna Sophia's abstract art is strongly influenced by her roots, inspired by
Scandinavian minimalism and design. Her unique works explore the relationship between positive and negative space and are impacted by sleek, bold linear, and organic forms. Her compositions appear modern, bright, and polished with vivid colours alongside minimalist and graphic shapes.
Often sculptural or multilayered, Rydgren's artwork encourages the viewer to take a closer look to understand the balance and precision involved.
By accepting and understanding that every experience is unique, Rydgren enables the observer to find strength and comfort through each transformative thought and experience, allowing them to find beauty in life's imperfections.

Anna Sophia Rydgren has exhibited widely in European cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Brussel, Milan, Marbella, and Stockholm. Her work continues to belong to numerous private and public collections, among US Celebrities and prestigious hotel projects. Other widely known publications have featured Rydgren, including Vogue/House & Garden and US media shown on AspireTV.

Rydgren's plans to pursue an art residency within the next year align seamlessly with her desire to deepen her artistic insights and cultivate a symbiotic relationship between her immersive artistic experience

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