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Anna Sophia Rydgren is an animal advocate and is passionate about making a difference. The RED CAMPAIGN highlights 

the impacts of deforestation + Poaching within Borneo, Southeast Asia.

Anna will be donating a percentage of her sold original fine art works titled "RED" that is currently showcased at Gallery Red based in Spain. In addition to that, also a percentage of t proceeds  from the sales of her limited edition fine art prints "RED" will also be donated. 


It is paramount that every part of the 494,000 acre Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem is protected.


The habitat is patrolled and protected, keeping a watchful look out for poachers, land encroachers and deadly snares. 


This project monitors rehabilitated, ex-captive orangutans who now thrive in this habitat and are an important part of this insurance population that will help protect this beautiful species.

Join Anna on INSTAGRAM and enter the RED CAMPAIGN to win a signed fine art print from Anna's square series "RED"

Percentege Of proceeds going to THE ORANGUTAN PROJECT

Start Date: Red Campaign

Duration Feb:1st until Feb 10

WINNER announced FEB-14th / 2024 / Valentines Day

Featuring Anna Sophia Rydgren’s works titled “RED”

Receive a signed fine art print of "RED" 

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